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Hello Everyone,

The April ACX Meetups Everywhere meetup will be on Thursday April 27th at 7:00 PM.  

LocationUnderground Tap & Grill

Discussion Topic: The Sequences

Before ACX, LessWrong, or EA, there were the Sequences, a series of essays that explore the capabilities and failure modes of human reasoning. We haven't actually discussed this yet, so let's read (re-)read some of them.

The Sequences are a good(and sometimes obtuse) introduction to some of the core ideas of the exceedingly nebulous concept of rationality.  So, if you would like to attend a meetup for the first time and lie vaguely within the sphere of rational-curious, rational-ish, "the Sequences are dumb and I want to tell you why," or "wow, sounds like a neat cult," come by and we can discuss!

Part 1 from Highlights from The Sequences on LessWrong

You are still welcome to attend if you do not make it through all the readings.  If you are a new member and want to attend an event, but are not interested in the Sequences, come anyways; you will not have trouble finding people interested in discussing other stuff!

Optional Readings:
Read beyond Part 1

New Members:
Yes, come!

See you there!

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