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3rd #EAserbia meet up will be happening on Dec 11th, 14:30 (Sunday)!

Topics: #government_alignment and how to make #stateowned institutions do the #most_good for the people and environment 👩🏻‍🎓

Treći sastanak #EAserbia će biti u nedelju 11og Decembra, od 14:30.

Tema: Kako uskladiti ciljeve države sa ciljevima ljudi i okoline na koje ima uticaj.


👇 check out some interesting articles for the additional insights👇

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The topics are fire. Will it be relevant to read The Network State?

I have not read it, but it seems useful to come with that knowledge! :)

Thanks, the topic arose from the discussion we had last time on biorisks, if you have topics you want to explore, bring them to the meeting to suggest for January!

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