Meetup #40 - Street epistemology


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This time around we're doing a meetup in a public location, to be a little more accessible. Specific location details to be added

The topic is Street Epistemology. This workshop will be run by Kate (cue applause). This is her description:

"Street Epistemology, or a new approach to conduct meaningful conversations

If you're tired of pointless arguments with people who disagree with you, or just of conversations that rarely lead anywhere useful, then this tool is for you. Street Epistemology (SE) is a fun and effective way to talk to people about what's really true. It's a method that helps people reflect on the reliability of the methods used to arrive at their deeply-held beliefs.

The host of a Russian SE community is going to introduce you to the method and provide tips to improve it by yourself afterwards.

As an introductory material, you can watch a video example of the application of the method:"