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This time around in LessWrong Tel Aviv, we are going to play "Intelligence Rising"!

Intelligence Rising is a Strategic Role-Playing game meant to effectively simulate and illustrate the possible paths by which artificial intelligence capabilities and risks might take in the world. It is designed by a group of researchers from Cambridge and Oxford to allow decision-makers to stress-test their assumptions, and develop a stronger sense of the possible impacts and meaning of the gradual development of AI.

The game will be run by Shahar Avin from the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk in the University of Cambridge. Shahar does research on prevention strategies for global catastrophic risk, and is one of the creators of the game.

The event will take place in Electra Tower, 12th floor (Google Israel). We will start gathering and 18:30 and start playing at 19:00. The expected duration of the game is around 3-4 hours. If you're coming, please either click "going" in Facebook or comment here so that we can assess the number of players in advance. See you there!

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