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Igor Bakutin

An online meetup to catch up with other Dutch rationalists and Rationalists in NL.

We'll start off with a round of intros, followed with a discussion of what types of meetups we'd like to see in NL and how to make them happen. If you don't have ideas, then no worries! Lurking is also allowed :)

Afterward we'll wrap up with a casual chat and hangout.

I'm guessing we'll be a fairly small group (~5). If we end up with fewer people then we can just default to talking about any rationality topics on our mind (e.g., Duncan/Logan discourse norms, one of the latest ACX articles, etc). If we end up with far more people, we can consider breaking into channels, but we'll do a vote before committing to anything like that.

If you are new to rationality and want to just try out this online meetup, go for it!

Also, if you are Dutch and abroad, this is your chance to get a meetup in :D

Looking forward to seeing you all!

To join, head over to our discord server. If the link is expired, feel free to ping me for a new one (I'm trying to avoid a permanent link floating around the internet and maximum period is 7 days so here you go:):

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