Portland SSC Meetup 10/01/19 (ETA: afterparty following)


Scott's planning to visit Portland on October 1st, and in honor of the occasion, we're having an SSC meetup! We'll meet at Cartopia, on 1207 Southeast Hawthorne. It's a food cart pod with many options -- outside, but covered from rain. I'll get there at 7 PM (or a little earlier), try to stake out table space, and put up a sign for the meetup. The carts are open as late as 12 PM.

There is no default structure, but I encourage people to structure the meetup around their interests, possibly breaking into smaller groups. To help coordinate, I'll list any activities people suggest, starting with my own suggestion. Suggest your own activity and I will add it.

  • Try to understand (prove things about) Shannon Capacity (see e.g. here and here ). I (Noah) haven't digested or read all of the papers myself, but thought they'd be good to link to as references.
  • (From karlkeefer in the comments): I'd love to talk about the "What to do about the woo?" section of the paper reviewed recently here - but generally interested just to meet some folks.

ETA: Jeremy V. and his housemates have offered to host an afterparty, so as the meetup winds down people can head over to their place as they like. Here are the details, from the email Jeremy sent me.

My roommates and I live in a big apartment (2500 sq. ft) at 1546 SE Ladd ave, about 500 feet from Cartopia. We're all fans of SSC and would be excited to host some kind of after-party at our place, if people are interested.