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Oxford Rationalish monthly-ish pub social! Meet interesting people, chat interesting chat.

This month I'd like to suggest we theme some of the discussion around "Are Woo Non-Responders Defective?" It's about 1500 words long (roughly 3 pages). It'd be good if you at least skimmed it, but don't worry if not - we can still chat <3

From the article: here “woo” means various more-or-less-alternative wellness and spirituality practices. Typical examples would be yoga, “bodywork”, tai chi, Alexander Technique, chakra meditation, Wim Hof, Internal Family Systems, somatic experiencing, some trauma therapies, etc.

What I'm /most/ interested to see is how charitable and curious we're able to be about viewpoints we don't currently hold ourselves, and whether we can honestly question our own preexisting beliefs. I'm personally quite sceptical about much of this stuff, but I want to create the best space possible for us to explore things which can be deeply important to people.

Maybe you have your own woo to bring -  woo seems important to lots of people! I'd like this to be a welcoming, engaged and curious space for people to discuss their confusions, disagreement, uncertainties, and the limits of their knowledge.

There'll also be space/time to just chat about whatever comes up <3

We'll be in the room round the back, with a sign :)

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