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This year's ACX Meetup everywhere in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Location: Friends Meeting House, 1420 Hill St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104 , in the back yard. I'll be wearing black and have a white sign that says ACX. –

Feel free to contact me through the meetup app or by email. We'll also be meeting on Saturday October 21st. We have Monthly Zoom meetups on Thursday evenings!


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Looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow!

I probably won't go to this.
I probably will go to the October 21st version. Is there some way I should formally communicate that?

Probably there should be a way to be more specific than "MAYBE".
I had to Google "RSVP".
Where should I complain these to?

The October 21st RSVP is on meetup. This LW post was generated from my meetups everywhere submission on the ACX blog. I've never used LW before and don't know how the site works.

I probably can't go to the October meetup, due to coincidence. How do I unRSVP on Meetup?

Unrelated, I still think I have a good chance of making it next time.