We created an intellectual game where story-based magical and detective mission is combined with rationality-based minigames.
In our game you can:
* discover the mysteries of past events and check the rumors about rebirth of the Dark Lord,
* exchange magical items, learn new spells and even use them on somebody,
* try to solve some rationality-based puzzles and discover some new information on success.

What does this game look like?

Each player have a description of the character and its goals. Player can move around the rooms, talk with other players, use items and spells, find and solve puzzles to gather information and achieve the goals.
There are several rooms available for players, so players can talk both in public and in private.
Each player have a pouch that contains game rules, character description, hints and other knowledge, and also various cards: items, spells, energy and Hogwarts points.

More detailed announcement and description is here: https://goo.gl/WLU4p3

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