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Hey everyone,

For our monthly workshop, Glenn will interactively teach us how to understand better why we mentally suffer and heal ourselves by thinking about emotional work in a new way:

  • Instead of looking for what makes us happy, understanding what blocks us from innate peace and contentment, which causes us mental suffering.
  • Realizing that emotional work can be a way to look into our mental blockages and unblock us.
  • Common ways people "get stuck" with emotional work and understanding that emotional work can really be effective and have huge upsides for yourself and others.
  • How to do effective emotional work that will have long-lasting results, exploring various emotional work techniques.
  • The idea of “Emotional Work Retreats” and Glenn's experience doing a ~2-week one together with @Anton Rodenhauser.
  • Why, for most people, emotional retreats might have better long-lasting effects than meditation retreats.

We will also listen to an “emotional work meditation”, which is like a meditative guided therapy session.

You're welcome, even if you've never been to a meetup before or don't feel like you'd fit in. Here is the link to our last event, maybe you know someone already: AI Risk Scenario Roleplay


Time: The workshop starts at 19:00 and is planned for 2h. You are welcome to arrive by 18:30. Afterward, there will be time for socializing.

Food: Martin will bring pita bread, vegetables and dips. You are welcome to bring anything you want yourself (preferably no meat, ideally vegan). 

Location: We're grateful to the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) Berlin for hosting us in their space! How to find it (in German): Please contact @__nobody if you have any questions about CCCB or the location.

Questions and feedback welcome via comment, forum PM or Telegram! Looking forward to the workshop. :)
- @Milli | Martin (Telegram)

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