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From the blog Astral Codex Ten:
"Lots of people only want to go to meetups a few times a year. And they all want to go to the same big meetups as all the other people who only go a few times a year."

A classic coordination problem! And hence, the Schelling meetup was born, so named for Thomas Schelling, who's ideas on coordination and conflict will be a focal point of discussion at our very own Schelling Meetup!

The Meetup will also feature:
-chill ice-breakers
-rotating small group discussions
-appreciating the Tulip Festival
-letting everyone know about the type of things our group typically gets up to at our WEEKLY (apologies for the error on the ACX post where it says "monthly") Friday evening events
-ambling over to Pub Italia on Preston St when it starts to get cold

This event is open to everyone! If you were thinking of checking us out and wondering when would be optimal- the Schelling Meetup will be a friendly and frictionless time for us all to come together! You are encouraged to join even if you're new or uncertain, even if you don't love socializing, even if you're not "into" rationality- come as you please.

We'll be meeting outdoors at Commissioners Park, near the sculpture of the man holding up two hats- we'll also have a couple signs saying "ACX," and you'll find me, Tess, holding an orange balloon at 6:30pm on Saturday the 28th. If you miss us, try to reach out on the "live hangout channel" of our discord:

I look forward to meeting you one and all! Don't hesitate to message Tess for additional details See less

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