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Topic: Consciousness And The Brain (some structured discussion but mostly casual)

Time: We will meet in the afternoon at 3 PM local time plus/minus 15 min is fine.

Location: At the Alsterwiesen right in the middle of the Alsterpark (OSM; Google Map; plus code H2C2+RF).

Look for pink blankets; There will probably be an ACX sign. If it is raining, we will meet at the AsterCliff and look for another location - but the current weather forecast looks sunny. 

Please let me know if you will join.

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I seem to be to orientationally challenged to find you. Any additional clues? :) -pinkgothic

Got it; we are sitting on a lime blanket. To further differentiate, one of us is wearing a Google Cloud shirt, and one has a sunset coloured gradient shirt.