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Corona note: I expect about 12 vaccinated people sharing about 30 square meters of space for about 7 hours. Come at your own risk. I will assume that you are vaccinated. If you are not, let me know (I do not like to exclude people).

Pair debugging is a staple of applied rationality. Humans aren't really all that smart on their own. Our intelligence is distributed. You don't get very far by thinking by yourself.

Before we start, I'll teach a rationality technique. These techniques can be used explicitly as a structured conversation, or they can be applied freestyle whenever.

Minimum prep: bring a bugs list! This is a list of n things that you would like to improve about your life. Here's some examples:

- "I often don't fall asleep quickly enough on evenings before workdays"
- "I want to work for an early phase startup for my next job, but I don't know how to get in contact with startups in that phase"
- "Despite being poly I seem to have a mental block around flirting even when there is clear interest from the other side"
- etc

Optional prep: read some of the CFAR handbook at

Rough schedule:

16:00 - welcome
± 17:00 - introduction
± 17:15 - meditation session
± 17:30 - instruction & practice
± 18:30 - done
± 19:30 - grab some dinner together
± ??:?? - closing

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Some updates:

- I'm going to be handing out corona tests on entry to the meetup. Still thinking about different ways to approach this, but they're currently not required.

- Topic will be Nonviolent Communication (NVC)! This is a precursor to many other techniques and almost a panacea of good collaboration and conflict resolution

- I have some long term plans for building this into a larger, more active community. See announcement here (don't forget to read the comments):

- As part of those plans, I want to gradually build up to being able to sustain my living expenses (€1500/mo) by organising. I will start by asking an entry fee of €10 to the meetups. This will also cover food and corona tests. However if this entry fee keeps you from coming, you can pass on it!