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Measuring things is super valuable [citation needed] and fun [citation needed]! But it's also difficult (see: replication crisis). Let's get together and design some experiments we can run!

No need to have attended the first iteration of Experimental Design Club! This will likely be an even better entry point, since you'll be able to learn from the mistakes of the last batch of experiments!

Rough schedule:

  • Discuss experiments and results from last time; share any learnings (20min)
  • Come up with some ideas for experiments and sketch them out (20min)
  • Idea sharing time: you have 1min to describe what you're planning. Perhaps you'll attract collaborators? (15min)
  • Toil! Collaborate! Design! (30min)
  • Implement! (20min) For example:
    • Make your Google Form!
    • Mess with your phone!
    • Set up Beeminder!
    • Download TagTime!
    • Order a FitBit!
    • Email the mayor!
  • Describe your final outcome! (15min)

Location is the Montlake Public Library.

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