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Hello Everyone,

The September meetup, which will also be the ACX Meetups Everywhere event, will be on Thursday September 21st at 7:00 PM.  

LocationUnderground Tap & Grill

We will bring an ACX sign so you can easily find our table.  Free parking is usually available to the east on Jasper Ave, a short walk away.

Discussion Topic: Even More Book Reviews

We have found that the ACX book review contests serve as a great springboard discussions. At previous meetups, we have discussed finalists #1-9, so let's jump into the rest of them!  Pick one or more finalists starting with #10, and we will discuss what you learned.

If you find that you didn't manage to do the readings, please come anyways. Usually, the readings for these events serve as a starting point for discussion, and you are likely to find interesting conversation even if you come unprepared; staying on topic is optional!


#10: The Laws of Trading

#11: On the Marble Cliffs

#12: The Rise and Fall of the Reich

#13: The Weirdest People in the World

#14+: Feel free to read them once they're up!

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