Meetup #46 - Authentic Relating games


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(This time we're meeting up in the Hague, in Carlos' awesome mansion. Thanks for hosting Carlos!)

Here's a bold idea: we're spending 90% of our cognitive resources on trying to fit in, but since we're also conditioned to hide this, we're doing most of it subconsciously, and that's super inefficient.

Luckily there's some terrific social technology out there. These are techniques that, somehow, manage to very quickly put a group in a sort of equilibrium where everyone feels a little (or a whole lot) more like they belong.

(for some as yet to be given game-theoretic definition of this lovely "belonging" thing :)

Some games we might play: hot seat, anything else, rejection game, circling.

Authentic Relating game nights are about openness, authenticity, and fun. You're wholeheartedly welcome.

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