The time of isolation is drawing to a close, and summer is coming. Let’s get together for Summer Solstice to celebrate!

This will be a potluck-style picnic in Rockville Civic Center Park. If you’re able, please bring something to share. If you’re not sure what to bring, you can roll a d6 to decide:
1-2: Entree
3: Side dish
4: Chips or other snack
5: Beverage
6: Dessert

I’ll bring a guitar; feel free to bring other instruments, games, puzzles, or other activities you want to share.

We may also organize some adventuring in the woods nearby (it’s adjacent to Rock Creek Park).

I’ll be fully vaccinated and this will be outdoor, so I’m not too concerned about the risks of unmasking at this point. I believe Montgomery County's mask mandate does not apply outdoors if you are EITHER 1) vaccinated or 2) eating or drinking. Use your judgment.

TRANSPORTATION: Rockville Civic Center Park is a couple miles from the nearest Metro (Rockville Station). If you need a ride (from home or from the Metro) or can provide a ride, please fill out the carpool spreadsheet:

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