Rational Ottawa - Group Rationality II


It's a part 2 this week, following from the questions about group rationality that we managed to articulate last week (but don't let that keep you away, as the topic of these questions is the nature of the specific group we find ourselves in together- so congrats, you already qualify to answer them).

We'll be discussing how to work toward a couple of goals we've identified: having some documentation, and improving individual-to-group and individual-to-individual communication. We'll seek volunteers for some group tasks. We'll consider our history of meetups and the purposes they have served. We will try to pull some common threads out of the whole set and/or identify subsets (particularly the "most successful" subsets). To that end, there is:
****Something Fun to Do Ahead of Time****
Take a look at the Log of Past Meetups (under files in the group) and identify your top ten! (At least vaguely in order) If you haven't been to 10 meetups, go ahead and rank those you have been to.

Apology to people reading on the Lesswrong community page for posting so late, I thought I already had.

Thanks to Kris for the encore-hosting - Apartment #2