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Come and make friends with other people in the community this Tuesday! This is an activity focused on creating interpersonal closeness through answering deep questions alongside with your assigned partner.

How is it going to work


  • At the start of the event we'll do some pre-matching by doing several rounds of Speed-friending (usually you'd talk with 3 people for 5 minutes). After that you'll rate people on how excited are you to have a deeper conversation with them.
  • You may also add your level of excitement for people who you did not do speed-friending with, but for match to be possible the other person would also need to add their level of excitement for doing activity with
  • Please use this form to submit the ratings:
  • Based on those ratings we'll try to create matches that optimize people's overall level of excitement.

Main activity

  • For this part we'll likely change venue to a larger indoor space (or outdoor space if weather permits) so people can have a relative privacy for their conversations.
  • Together with your match you'll work through a set of questions that are designed to create a deeper connection.
  • We’ll be using the following app to facilitate the activity:

You can find more information and additional references at

=== WHEN+WHERE ===
7:00pm Tuesday, November 23d (doors open 6:45pm)

please be on time, so you can participate in the matching process properly!

The Solarium (Join the mailing list at and say you came from LessWrong to access the post with the address)

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