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Please consider the following blanks seriously and without undue self-deprecation (if you find these difficult to answer right off the bat, try proceeding from the bottom up, or skip any) (also, this isn't mad libs, no one word answers -_-) (also also, I recommend this as (minimally) a *5-minutes by the very clock,* pen-and-paper type exercise)

I want to ___
I want to make ___ [happen]
I can make ___ [happen]
I think ___ is productive
I think ___ is worthwhile
I think ___ is a genuine contribution to the world
I am uniquely qualified to/capable of ___
I am already ___
With slightly more investment, I could ___
With substantially more investment, I could ___
I have to ___
Rational Ottawa should make ___ [happen]
It is feasible that Rational Ottawa even could make ___ [happen]
Rational Ottawa is uniquely qualified to/capable of ___
Rational Ottawa already ___
Rational Ottawa must ___
"Rational Ottawa's handy dandy guide to ___"
"Rational Ottawa presents: ___"
"Rationalist" groups can/have ___
"Rationalist" groups should make ___ [happen]
"Rationalist" groups are useful for ___
Communities are capable of ___
Communities should make ___ [happen]
The point of a community is ___
The difference between a group/ an organization/ a(n) ___ and a community is ___
Communities MUST ___
Progress is ___

Location is the Royal Oak at Bank/Gloucester, the "Roxy" room in the back behind the sliding door /reservation for 7pm under Tess.