Slatestarcodex Meetup Hamburg 2019-11-17


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This is a followup SCC meetup in Hamburg.

Date and time: Sunday 17th of November, from 5 PM on; end to be agreed on.

Location: troy office, Maienweg 310, 22335 Hamburg, Germany.

This is not an official company event but privately organized. Some food and drinks might be provided, but I’d appreciate if you contribute. Please let me know if you plan to attend.

There will be prepared discussion topics, but you are free to contribute or just meet and talk or listen.


- Meditation as that has been the topic of some recent posts on SSC, e.g. this as well as book reviews.

- I will give a short presentation on my key insights from my (limited) meditation practice.

- For those not interested in meditation I suggest the question 'what are viable economic reforms?' based on the SSC article 'Indian Economic Reform: Much More Than You Wanted To Know'.

hope to see you


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