Meet inside The Shops at Waterloo Town Square - we will congregate in the seating area with the trees sticking out in the middle of the benches at 7pm for 15 minutes, and then head over to the amenity room in my nearby apartment.


This week, we're discussing the frameworks that some rationalists use to think about coordination and coordination failures in organizations. 

I'm going to link to more readings than usual, you only need to read one or two deeply. For the ones that you're focusing on, try to analyze the text using the 3-2-1 reading format:

  • 3 things/arguments that you liked or agreed with
  • 2 things/arguments that you disliked or disagreed with
  • 1 question that the text inspires you to ask

We will go over the responses we have at the meetup.

Also think about your own experiences in the workplace and/or institutions, and how well these frameworks explain dynamics that you observe.


Moral Mazes Sequence Summary - Zvi (2020)

Slack - Zvi (2017)

Ra - Sarah Constantin (2016)

Massless Ropes, Frictionless Pulleys - Siderea (2015)

The Optimal Amount of Fraud is Non-Zero - Patio11 (2022)

We may also inevitably dip into discussion of moloch - couldn't hurt to brush up :^)

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