Hello everyone!

We are organising an ACX spring meetup in Paris, in the Caroussel Garden (near the Louvres and Tuileries, left of the Arch from the Louvres, on the grass near the statues). We'll have an ACX Meetup sign. Plus code: https://plus.codes/8FW4V86J+GH

  • There will be name tags and markers. Feel free to mark topics of interest and discussion starters on them in addition to your name.
  • While the default language tends to be English in large groups, a majority of participants are native French speakers. Hence, please do come regardless of fluency!
  • Don't hesitate to bring friends that are interested in ACX, LW, rationality or other related communities.
  • As Scott says: If you’re reading this, you’re invited. Please don’t feel like you “won’t be welcome” just because you’re new to the blog, demographically different from the average reader, or hate ACX and everything it stands for. You’ll be fine!

Group info

  • We have a discord, and a matrix bridge that can be used to interact with the discord server without installing discord
  • If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach either me (email: iwonder@whatisthis.world, discord: ,#3572) or our co-organizer (email (prefered): sobrvseq[at symbol]mailer[dot symbol]me, discord: QPsJhm#2047, matrix : @p843:matrix.org). You can also ask for either of our french phone number if necessary.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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