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Kyle Neufeld

Hello Everyone,

The May ACX meeting will be on Thursday May 26th at 6:30 PM.  

LocationPolar Park Brewing Company

If you are certain you will attend, an RSVP is preferred but not mandatory, just so I can reserve an appropriately sized table.

Discussion Topic: Books!

ACX readers have put a tremendous amount of effort writing book reviews, and I - rudely - haven't read any of them.  Let's fix this.

This is a good time to try a more open-ended and self-directed format:

  1. Pick and read any book review from this open thread on any topic that interests you.
  2. Let’s share what we learned and use these topics as a starting point for further discussion!

New Members:

The table will be booked under the name Joseph. Feel free to send an email so I can give you my phone number if you think you might have trouble finding us.

See you there!

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