This is the weekly joint LW/SSC meetup in Los Angeles. We have ~15 active IRL members with an average of 10-12 people who show up on any given week. We have assigned topics with light reading (under 5000 words, typically), but it's entirely optional. Ping Robert (@T3t) in the Discord channel if you want more information, or look at the Google Group link to see where/when/what. We have a Facebook group but it's largely inactive.

Location: Wine Bar next to the Landmark Theater in the Westside Pavilion (10800 W Pico Blvd #312, Los Angeles, CA 90064).  (We sometimes move upstairs at some point later in the night.)

Time: 7 pm, every Wednesday

Parking: Available in the parking lot for the entire complex.  The first three (3) hours are free and do not require validation (the website is unclear and poorly written, but it may be the case that if you validate your ticket and leave before three hours have passed, you will be charged $3).  After that, parking is $3 for up to the fifth (5) hour, with validation.

This week, we will do our tried and true Cognitive Biases Round-Robin. In advance, if you want to participate, do the following: pick some cognitive bias from the wikipedia list of cognitive biases, or a logical fallacy, or cognitive distortion, or some other failure mode of thinking (perhaps one that's given recognition on On Wednesday, anyone who has done this can explain the bias or error, and we can then discuss where it actually comes up, when it matters, and what do do about it.

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Seems reasonable to also create a group in addition to just the event. This adds a more permanent presence to the map, and makes it easy for people to find past events, subscribe to new events on the page, etc. You can do that via the "Create New Group" link on the community page.

Yep, group is here:

Is it not showing up?

(On a related note: I ran into an error when trying to create the group when pasting an address in the "location" field, not realizing until I tried to create an event instead that it required me to allow it to autocomplete the address by typing it in from scratch. The error consisted of these lines:

  • Mongo location is required.
  • Group Location is required.
  • Location is required.
  • Schema validation error

Suffice it to say, it was not terribly clear why it wasn't accepting the location at first.)

Ah, that does seem like a bug that would happen and didn't show up in testing. I think there is an easy way to fix that, will try it later today.

Re group: Ah, good. The group exists but this meetup isn't currently associated with the group. If you create an event from the community page then it's not associated with any group, but if you create it from your group page, then it links back to the group at the top of it, and is listed from your group page. Let me quickly change this manually for this event.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for future events.