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Thomas Broadley

Meet inside The Shops at Waterloo Town Square - we will congregate in the seating area with the trees sticking out in the middle of the benches at 7pm for 15 minutes, and then head over to the amenity room in my nearby apartment.

RSVP so we have a sense of the supplies we need!


Two KWR members will be teaching us the basics of some stuff that they do. Thomas will be teaching us to sing, and Surya will be teaching us to do calligraphy.

All supplies will be provided :)


For those that are interested, we'll be heading to Revive Game Bar afterwards and trying out our fancy new singing skills in some karaoke. With some alcohol for lubrication, as necessary.

You should totally come out, unless, you know, you're a disembodied loser or something 😎

(That was a joke! People have different comfort levels, and you should only come if you think this would be fun, or you're interested in testing/leaving your personal comfort zone.)

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