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Alex Caswen

Hi all! This month Joseph is away, so I'm filling in - I being Kyle!

This month, I wanted to cover one of my favourite topics - philosophy.

For the readings, any book/reading/essay on philosophy will do! Metaphysics, epistomology, ethics, aesthetics, logic, philosophy of mind, religious philosophy, etc. any will do!

If you have never read anything about philosophy, I recommend starting with Plato's dialogues - they are fairly easy reading, extremely entertaining, and each is short enough to read in an hour or less. They are also freely available online in many places, including:

There are many to choose - my favourite is euthyphro. Apology is very good, as is Meno. Any of the early dialogues should be short and a good introduction so Socrates.

I have reserved an 8 person table at the Dogpatch in Riverdale. If more than 8 RSVP I will expand our reservation!

Send me an email at with your RSVP so I can adjust our reservation at the dogpatch to suit : )

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