Dustin Space is an effective altruist community in Zurich. We are also rationalists, vegans and computer scientists. We care about the world and help each other become the best version of ourselves. We run:
  • Weekly coworkings with Pomodoros every Sunday.
  • Roughly once-monthly personal development meetups under EA Zurich.
  • Occasional social events or meetups for EA Zurich.
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time for a revival?

  1. and 3) have been continuously happening, so I assume you want a revival of 1) the coworkings?

We don't have the location Dustin Space any more, so we'd need a place to host this. Do you have ideas for it?

Arne and me want to set up a new bigger EA/rationalist flatshare again (desired location ~Wipkingen), which would be able to host events. So far, we haven't gotten enough resonance to take further steps. So I guess this is also a request to contact me on that topic if interested :)

oh cool. If that is in the EA switzerland slack then I know where to look for it. 

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