I forgot about it until after were were past the Hall's birthday, so the survey is late this year and won't run for as long. Nevertheless, for those of you that use the Less Wrong Study Hall, here is this year's census:

2015 LWSH Census and Survey

It will close on April 7th and I'll post the results a few weeks after that. I'll be advertising it during breaks in the Hall; I encourage others to do the same to maximize turnout.

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I just added a link to it in the Complice room that only shows up during breaktimes! Yay, technology.

I find myself wishing that the "Yes" to Complice question were broken into "logged in as a complice user" and "as a guest". Hm, while I'm wishing for things... I also wish that of the guests it had "I tried a complice account and didn't like it", "I haven't made an account but plan to", and "I have no intention of making a complice account."

Anyway, I'm guessing it doesn't make sense to change the survey now that it has launched. So I'll conduct my own survey at some point :)

Yeah, we have enough responses already that I probably shouldn't change the question. I only thought to ask about Complice at the last minute, sorry. :-(

I can add alternative options to next year's survey if it still makes sense to do so.

Cool yeah. I'm very glad that it was included at all :)

I'm just going to point out that the results are here: http://lesswrong.com/lw/m3z/less_wrong_study_hall_year_two/

(hint: if you've been here since the start of the community in November 2007, put 6)

I thiiiink this is out-of-date now.

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