A Section for Innovation?

by Mindey 1 min read26th Dec 20182 comments


Rationality is about a type of optimality, and optimal states are often found only after multiple steps within a domain of a function explored. There are communities running these processes (e.g., halfbakery.com), and encouraging them through things like humor, that leads to exploration of new extremes, eventually arriving at something more optimal than what was originally posted.

I wonder, if we could support something like that on LessWrong, where, say, someone comes up with a new mechanism or invention to do something (e.g., an invention of a new kind of immutable database using a pseudo-random number generator, initial seed, salting data, or some other sort of theoretical invention), that one believes that the invention should help us become more rational, yet the poster doesn't have much time to elaborate very deeply, has not had time to complete the invention, and is not entirely sure of the viability of the invention, and whether it makes sense with respect to all possible aspects which community cares about.

Currently, in such a situation, the most sensible thing on LessWrong is probably writing a draft, and leaving it there until the time when one has more time to finish the writing.

However, in this fast-pacing world, it may well be that sharing early or sharing something is way better than sharing nothing. So, just like we have a section for "meta", maybe we could have a section for sharing ideas, and encouraging more relaxed discussion, that is focused on humor and pragmatic correctness (exploration of possibilities), more than technical correctness (hygiene of reasoning)?