Discussion article for the meetup : Melbourne social meetup

WHEN: 16 March 2012 07:00:00PM (+1100)

WHERE: see mailing list; Carlton, VIC

Melbourne's next social meetup is on the 16th of March - as usual, at Ben's house. See the mailing list for the address - or you can call or text 0432 862 932 for the address. Alternatively, you can email shokwave.sf@gmail.com or even message User:shokwave on LessWrong.

Some form of takeaway - probably Indian - will be organised on the night. There will be snacks available. Some of them might even be healthy! BYO drinks.

The mafia games seem to have been the highlight of recent social events, so we're going to try starting those earlier in the night and running more of them.

Please comment if you're planning on attending. We wholeheartedly welcome newcomers!

Discussion article for the meetup : Melbourne social meetup

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I should be there.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to pike - I don't feel that great and I have to get up very early tomorrow.