I’ve been looking into intuition pumps recently, and I realized the MBTI system (when combined with the associated ‘function theory’) has some very general, relatively useful ones, such as the INTP (TiNe) and INTJ (NiTe) ones.

However, the mental structures each of these describe are mutually incompatible in terms of information representation and processing methods. I haven’t yet found any way to possess such mutually incompatible systems at the same time (even disregarding the infeasibility of true multitasking, simply having them both as active components in my mind, rather than inactive memories only accessible when specifically called upon, is proving difficult)

Does anyone have tips on how to keep such mentalities both available for active use despite their incompatibility?

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Apr 14, 2023


Hello Self_Optimization,

 I'm (NeTi) and my partner is (NiFe), and we have worked on developing different functions for a couple of years. So, I thought I could answer this question to a certain degree at least.
And this answer is based on our personal experiences, if you will be wondering.

As you mentioned, functions have different information representation and processing methods, and moreover they also have different information selection.  Therefore, my best tip wouldn't be to try to use them simultaneously, but to grow your familiarity with them individually. At least for a good while.

The reason being that even though all functions are active and available, even when you aren't conscious of them, they might not have that much influence or say in matters. And for functions to be readily accessible, they need to be well-developed. 
Fe is my third function, and in the last two years, especially, I have done a lot of things to further strengthen and develop this function. It is still a willful effort to use it directly, to be in Fe. 

To answer the question in another way, it has not been possible for me to be in two different functions at the same time, at least consciously. Maybe it is an individual limitation, but I have no tip for achieving that at least. But even though I might be able to be in only one consciously, I am also consciously aware of the rest being there when I glance at my subconscious.