Studying and Part-time work/supplementary income

by Goobahman 1 min read22nd Jan 20144 comments


Hi Less Wrong,


I'd like to draw on you for some advice.


I'm about to undertake studies, but will need some supplementary income to attain my desired standard of living while doing so.

Part-time work could be attained quite easily, but is likely to take the form of something fairly boring e.g. data entry/bar work.


I was thinking that there might be ways out there for me to learn a particular skill set that would enable me to work from home and at more flexible hours for a source of income, as well as providing me the opportunity to learn something new, given that so many people on here seem to do such things quite successfully. 


Given my circumstances below what would you recommend:


I'm fairly intelligent, enjoying learning, and have strong social skills

I live in Sydney Australia

I have musical talents

I have a car

I lack softward development/programming skills

I have decent office application skills.

I'm willing to put the hours in to level up a new ability.


Any suggestions/Tips/criticisms are welcome.