Meetup : First Zurich LW Meetup

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Discussion article for the meetup : First Zurich LW Meetup

WHEN: 12 November 2011 03:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: near Sihlcity, Zurich

For any Zurich-based LWers - let's meet up. I suggest resilience as a topic for discussion. Afterwards, we can figure out whether to do something more regularly.

Meet in our offices near Sihlcity between 2-3pm, then head out for food/drink depending on interests.

PM me for exact address and contact details if you would like to attend.

Discussion article for the meetup : First Zurich LW Meetup

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The meet-up is on. There's 7 people who indicated they would attend so far.

If anyone else would like to join, please PM me for details.

Sorry to ask, but is this still on?

Wakefield, could you post some details here if it is? (I've sent you a private message, but maybe you didn't notice it.)

Count me in!

I am considering applying for this studentship. The existence of this meetup makes it slightly more likely that I will!