Today is the last day we are guaranteeing delivery-before-Christmas to those who preorder the LessWrong books to North America (i.e. US, Canada, Mexico).

Order them at by 12pm midnight Pacific time to still be included.

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased the 1,600 copies already sold. We've increased our print run by an order of magnitude to account for the demand curve.

I'm looking forward to hearing about people opening them for Christmas :)

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1,600 copies already sold

Didn't expect this.

Before I update on this information, how many customers does this correspond to? Is it 1000 people buying 1 or 2 copies each, or one person buying 1500 copies and a few others buying 1-10 copies?

Btw, we just hit 2000.

Over 96% percent of customers bought a single set. The number of sets sold and the number of unique customers are basically the same.