Litany Against Anger

by namespace1 min read25th Jan 20202 comments


Litanies & Mantras

The map is not the territory,
the word is not the thing.

My anger is not the trigger,
triggers do not become more or less important
as I feel anger wax and wane.

Emotions are motivation,
they're supposed to get me to do the right thing.

Defuse from my frustration,
breathe and wait for clarity calm will bring.

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Unlike the thing the litany of gendlin addresses, anger is sometimes warranted. I think this calls for a different approach.

Anger is for punishing violations of moral codes. Did the subject of my anger really know my code?

We live in a big world. There are many different moral codes trying to coexist. I don't know every code. Some of them don't have names or signifiers. Was the subject of my anger following their own code?

If different codes conflict, that calls for a very sophisticated response.