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What is the current process for increases testing?

by jmh1 min read12th Jul 20201 comment


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I was just thinking about the current state of things in the USA and realize I don't really have any clue about just how the increased testing is getting done.

Part of the reason I was musing about this was the idea of doing testing a bit like intoxication stops on roads to check for drunk/intoxicated driving. That does reduce the event and get some to do the designated driver or take uber/taxi home.

If part of the problem with getting, particularly the younger people, but in general all the people that are stubbornly refusing to to simple things like wear masks and keep reasonable distance from others such stop and test might change the equation a bit.

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A crazy, inconsitant patchwork. The end result is that more people with lower amounts of symptoms are getting caught in most places that aren't exploding.