Berkeley LW Meet-Up Saturday April 9

by LucasSloan1 min read4th Apr 20119 comments


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Hey everyone!  Since the Berkeley Meet up group added a weekly meet up to the monthly, we've had two weekly meetups (with two more at Tortuga) which went splendidly, including a trip to a karaoke place.  But the weekly meet up is only an addition to the usual monthly meet up, which this month will happen on Saturday April 9, at 7 pm.  As usual, we will be meeting at the Oxford Street Starbucks and then moving to Free Speech Cafe on the UC Berkeley Campus (the Cafe is outdoors, bring a coat).  We will make time for people to get take out dinner from restaurants in downtown Berkeley, to be eaten at the Cafe.  This is great time to meet the Bay Area Less Wrong community, and I welcome newcomers and, from the old hands, guests.

If you enjoy LW meetups, and want to go to them more often, there is the weekly meetup in Berkeley, which also meets at the Oxford Street Starbucks, on Wednesdays at 7.  This week we will be playing board games, so if you enjoy being strategic, please come.  Bringing your favorite board game is welcomed.  To receive regular information about the LW events planned in the Bay Area, please sign up for the Google Group.