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Strongly agree that you would have a much, much higher impact by making this game available on the web. Straight-up Java is pretty much dead now. Consider even making a Facebook app, which would allow players to share the game with their friends for stronger distribution.


Our for-profit company, Lambda, uses Xero, a web-based accounting tool. They claim to serve non-profits as well:

I can't speak to how good they are for non-profits, but many startups are using Xero these days.


A friend and I are starting a marketplace to connect fecal transplant donors with people who need them. Let's make this happen. Check out


I founded a company, Lambda, a talent agency for exceptional developers, designers, technology professionals.

Here's the pitch:

It's currently very difficult for many nontechnical people to find high-quality software developers and designers to do contract work. Because it's often difficult to judge technical ability if you're not a technical person yourself, people often select the lowest bid for the project they want to get done, resulting in poor work or missed deadlines. People want to pay for high-quality talent, they just can't tell the difference.

By screening all candidates ourselves, prospective clients can come to us and get an assurance that their project will get done well. We're tapping into a dark pool of high-quality talent, by signing up entrepreneurs and other skilled folks who aren't on the market otherwise, who wouldn't even consider participating in a marketplace filled with low-quality talent, because they value their time.

More importantly, we provide a service to developers by doing the legwork of finding clients and screening them for quality. There's a world of difference between clients who understand what's involved in a complex software project, and those who don't.


Anyone should be able to join -- I just tested this with another email address, and there are indeed a few people on the list now. If you are still having issues, send me your email and I'll add you.


Omega updates the truth to fit its priors.


Sure, I'll go. Interested in a meetup there. (I'm from NYC)

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