Mory Buckman: a case study of modeling yourself as multiple agents


Hat tip to cata.

Mory Buckman is eight people: the explorer, the worker, the gamer, the musician, the programmer, the thinker, the addict, and the person. (He's also not neurotypical.) It looks like a fascinating case study of Hansonian "model yourself as multiple agents and make deals between them," especially because he's been doing it for over a year, he writes quite a bit of notes, scores himself, and has regular conferences between the personalities that are posted to the blog. I haven't read enough to provide any intelligent commentary, but wanted to raise it to the attention interested in that sort of modeling.

He wrote Gamer Mom, an adventure game about convincing your family to share an experience with you, which is a design masterpiece (but also fairly depressing, so don't get too involved unless you're willing to take an emotional hit).