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Here's how to make a meetup event and/or group on the community page.

1. Login to your (or create a) LessWrong account.

2. Navigate to the community page via the top-left hamburger menu or the community tab on the frontpage.

3. In the centre (underneath the 'local groups' header), click the 'create new event' or 'create new local group' button, depending on your goals. Then fill out the info and you have yourself a meetup!

Info on the page layout:

  • On the map, green circles are groups (e.g. communities, group-houses, organisations, etc) and blue pointers are events.
  • Under the map, groups and events are listed based on how far away from you (according to where your browser thinks you are).

If you have any other confusions with the community page, please tell me them in the comments here.

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