Briefly Start the week is a popular BBC radio 4 program discussing scientific and cultural events in the UK. This episode covers a lot of issues relevant to Less Wrong.

In their own words: 

"Andrew Marr explores the limits of science and art in this week's Start the Week. The philosopher and neuroscientist Raymond Tallis mounts an all-out assault on those who see neuroscience and evolutionary theory as holding the key to understanding human consciousness and society. While fellow scientist Barbara Sahakian explores the ethical dilemmas which arise when new drugs developed to treat certain conditions are used to enhance performance in the general population. And the gerontologist Aubrey de Grey looks to the future when regenerative medicine prevents the process of aging."

Available for listening here:

Podcast here:


Admittedly this is a more populist approach to the issues then we're used to, and there are a few moments where the guests make statements we would find a bit silly. But it seems to provide a very good summary of the issues for a lay audience, and an excellent defense of the moral importance of life extension. 


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I held on until the neuroscientist started talking, and then after a few minutes she hadn't said anything interesting so I turned it off. Generally seemed anti-intellectual - "oh who are you to tell me that my my mind can't be mystically floating in society if I want?"

Isn't it annoying that people have tabooed the word reductionism?

Oh the pain!

It's not that often radio 4 gets described as populist