The Long-Term Future Fund has an AMA up on the Effective Altruism Forum.

There’s no real deadline for questions, but let’s say we have a soft commitment to focus on questions asked on or before September 8th.

I'd prefer centralizing the questions to one place. If you don't want to post of the forum, for whatever reason (ideological opposition to EA, got banned before, lost your password and don't want to make a new comment), I'm happy to for you to comment here and for me to repost them on the Forum. 

Our donation link is here.

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If someone wants to become a grantmaker (perhaps with an AI risk focus) for an organization like LTFF, what do you think they should be doing to increase their odds of success?

By "success" do you mean "success at being hired as a grantmaker" or "success at doing a good job as a grantmaker?"

Success at being hired as a grantmaker.

IMO a good candidate is anything that is object-level useful for X-risk mitigation. E.g. technical alignment work, AI governance / policy work, biosecurity, etc.

Are there any plans to fundraise from high net-worth individuals, companies or governments? If so, does LTFF have the capacity/expertise for this? And what would be the plan beyond donations through the donation link you shared in the post?

(Newbie guest fund manager here) My impression is there are plans re individuals but they're not very developed or put into practice yet. AFAIK there are currently no plans to fundraise from companies or governments.