LW Update 04/06/18 – QM Sequence Updated

by Ben Pace1 min read6th Apr 20183 comments


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I just updated the Quantum Mechanics Sequence to have working images, links, and formatting.

Thanks to all the readers who pinged me in intercom to let me know that the stuff was broken for them, it caused me to do this more urgently.

Also a big thanks to Said Achmiz who already had turned Rationality: AI to Zombies into html and turned the images into SVG files, this saved me a *ton* of time.

If you take a look through, please let me know if I missed something.

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Is this really a self-contained series? I just skimmed a few of the articles quickly and the fourth article references an article on QM by Eliezer Yudkowsky which doesn't seem to be part of the series. But there's a link at the top which suggests that it is part of a (maybe different?) series. If I cycle backwards through these "previously in the series" links, I pass through more of these articles which doesn't seem to be contained in the series which is referenced here. Eventuall, I arrive at the article I started from - namely the fourth article of the series which is referenced here. This seems very confusing to me and I would appreciate a clarification whether there are multiple series and in which order the articles are supposed to be read.

I guess it's might not be technically part of the quantum mechanics sequence, but this one still has a broken image.

There are still lots of broken images in the rest of the sequences, for example here.

The missing image in the first linked post is this one:

(The missing images in the second linked post will, I suspect, also be replaced by SVG versions soon.)