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by Laoch1 min read22nd Jul 201220 comments


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WHEN: 12 August 2012 03:00:28PM (+0100)

WHERE: College Green

For anybody in Ireland, more specifically in Dublin, interested in meeting up. College Green Starbucks beside the wax museum. This has been postponed a week.

Discussion article for the meetup : Dublin, Ireland Meetup

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I'll be wearing a black t-shirt that has a star on it and reads Sulaco from the movie Aliens.

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I have lots of curly hair

I messed up. It should be at 15.00.

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Id love to go! When you say postponed a week is this on August 12th or 19th? In starbucks? Would ye not rather go somewhere else? Subway?....

Well it's for an informal chat, I wasn't planning on eating there.

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ok, so whats the date?

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Actually I'm afraid I can't make that time :(

I messed up. It should be at 15.00.

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15.00 today? I can make that time! I'll see you there!:D! Theres a march for marriage equality on too. What do you guys look like?

Anyone interested in this yet?

I'll be there. I've to come up from down the country but i'll be there. I make that three confirms and a possible... Should we maybe advertise on A&A, see if anyone there is interested?

Okay cool. Shall I post it up there?

Damn. I've moved to german just before the first Irish meetup...

I will be there - looking forward to it!

I might be there, aye! Will know closer to time.

Woah, is this a first? I expect to be in town but not sure.

There was one last October but I didn't make it and I don't know how well-attended it was.

It would be a second. :)