I've resumed blogging For Real This Time™, starting with an introductory overview of the distinction between metaethics and normative ethics.

Should I cross-post it to LessWrong? Should I link or cross-post future blogging about metaethics and other LW-relevant topics? Is it rubbish? Inquiring minds (mostly mine) need to know!

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I've subscribed, but I doubt it would be appropriate to cross-post every entry to LW. What's your background in ethics?

I wouldn't cross-post everything, I don't think, just the particularly relevant or good bits.

I've taken about a philosophy minor's worth of classes in ethics and read most of the really influential modern work in the field. I may end up in grad school studying metaethics in a couple years, though that's far from certain.

I wish you blogged more. Your posts are good, and remarkably concise.

My opinion is that it's more beneficial to have relevant ethical discussions in one place. What is your motivation for having a separate blog rather than making top level posts on Less Wrong in the first place?

As for the actual content - my concern with meta-ethics is that the average person is unlikely to actually contribute something new and useful. So basically it comes down to "have the experts come up with anything definitive yet? If not, lemme know when they do." Until then, I do think people should settle on some form of Normative Ethics so they at least have a means to resolve internal disputes.

I'm maintaining a separate blog primarily to establish some vague sort of credibility for myself, and also to satisfy my ego.

Heh. Fair enough.

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