I run into two situations where I want to wager:

  • With a friend, about some future outcome
  • With someone I'm having a debate with on the internet, as a way to settle the debate and test our beliefs

With friends, I've been tracking these wagers with a Google Calendar invitation, but this doesn't work as well with internet strangers (people don't feel comfortable as often sharing their email).

What I'm looking for is something similar to https://longbets.org/ where people can keep track of wagers and even open them up to public comment. Does something like this exist?

Features would be:

  • Wager description and resolution criteria
  • Amount wagered
  • Odds given if not 1:1
  • Resolution date

Nice to have:

  • Some integration with crypto or payments or escrow to manage payouts
  • Ability for public to comment on wagers and even clone them and make their own wagers
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A workaround could be to use PredictionBook, with the amount wagered in the comments. Supports odds & resolution date, resolution criteria & amount wagered would just be comments, similar with comments on wagers. Integration with crypto is out of the window. I don't know whether it supports mailing you about resolution times, but it does remind you on the site if questions you predicted on are past their resolution date. It does show edits of the question title in full.

You can also invite users to Metaculus private questions.

Yeah, I think my ideal site would be some combination of PredictionBook and LongBets. I may code one myself, if I can't find one. 

(...and by code one myself, I mean find a friend to help me, because I'm worthless at coding!)