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How does the organization "EthAGI" fit into the broader AI safety landscape?

by Liam Donovan 3mo8th Jul 20192 comments


I was surprised to have never heard of an organization working on long-term AI safety research, and can't find specific information on its work or connection to the AI safety community.

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1 Answers

I haven't heard of it either, but I am not too surprised by that. Since Superintelligence came out I hear about organizations like this every few months, with no one I know working on it, without any visible output and usually disappearing after a year or two. Not fully sure what the point of them is. Maybe they do some valuable work completely behind the scenes, or maybe it's just people trying to sell people something by jumping onto the AI Safety bandwagon, or maybe it's just some enthusiastic individuals being excited about AI Alignment and wanting to somehow prevent a gap in their resume while they spend a bunch of time thinking about it.