What is being done?

bymarcus_gabler 1y30th Sep 20189 comments



my name is Marcus, I live in Germany.

I figured out a lot of the knowledge shared here by myself over the years and now reached a point where I just had to start working on my own website before I bust from all those ideas wanting to go out.

I tried to find out if such content already existed but first failed. I finally discovered this and a few similar websites yesterday, after Spencer Greenberg of www.clearerthinking.org answered my desperate email and pointed me to "the rationalist movement".

Bang! Finally I wasn't alone anymore, and there is even an LW meetup in my home city Frankfurt!

Now I am hoping to find more answers here.

Apparently, there are no websites / organisations similar to LW, EA or CFAR (Jeeez! I can't believe I'm already using these shorts that were 100% mysterious to me yesterday) in Germany. Does that really mean I am the spearhead of world saving here once I go live???

Anyway, I wonder what is being done to give impact to "the cause"?

The rational (sic!) things to be done seem to be:

  • Building a website and make "How To" videos that will spread the (boiled down and simplified) word to the widest possible audience
  • Start online petitions to implement rationalism into regular school education
  • Ask Bill Gates for a few billions in donations
  • Found a political party (OK, probably no use in the U.S., but certainly doable in Germany)

I am just thinking out loud here.

Or has this already been done and failed?

What is actually MOVING in the rationalist movement?

Who has an overview of whats going on?

Happy to be here and anxious about feedback! :-)

Take care, Marcus.