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How can I restore my previous account?

by Stirling_Westrup21 min read5th Dec 20203 comments


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I'm now logged in, for the first time since the new LessWrong has been operating. Ages ago my old account (Stirling_Westrup) simply stopped working, and I couldn't log in to post a message saying there was a problem. I ended up making a second account, but never got any responses to my complaints that my main account was broken. On a whim I tried to log in now, and was told it was a legacy account. So, here I am. But is there any way to get back my original account Stirling_Westrup?

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Sure, just send us a message in Intercom (the chat bubble in the bottom right corner on desktop), or send me a private message, and I can probably figure out a way to get you access again.

I also edited your question to have a less massive title and move the majority of the (long) question to the body instead.